“Sheldon Rooney is a St. Catharines, Ontario-based visual artist, working in the medium of hand crippling, sight destroying ink and pastel illustration alongside the carcinogen-producing, carpel tunnel getting medium of woodburning. He has survived these fields through 15 years of solo and group shows. If his 2017 show Nuts II: A New Bag couldn’t kill him, nothing will. His latest arthritic dance with the devil will be part of 2018’s In The Soil Arts Festival. His cramped claw of a right hand has pumped out 12 local favourite band dedications in fake album cover form.” (from In The Soil 2018 artist bio)

Check out these pics from my 2017 show “Nuts II: A New Bag” at Niagara Artist’s Centre, St. Catharines!







Sheldon in the news…

The Sound writes about Nuts II: A New Bag show, April 2017 & In The Soil, 2018